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house of wax #17
May 04, 2012 07:48 AM PDT
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Greetings once again friends of HOUSE_OF_WAX this episode is a special one for our premier guest dj, the young dj KIBUIS is no longer a teenager as he is turning 20 next week and he is throwing a birthday celebration, so it was fitting for him to compile number 17 for us....we hope you enjoy his selection and wish him a happy one... ENJOY IT, SHARE IT, COMMENT ON IT AND KEEP SHOWING US THE LOVE YOU HAVE BEEN SHOWING, WE CANNOT START THANKING YOU FOR THE SUPPORT AND GOD BLESS...1LUV

@house_of_wax on Twitter
@waxmus on Twitter

click the link to download mix:--> http://www.mediafire.com/?d5csnjgxenprumo



house of wax #16
April 12, 2012 04:33 AM PDT
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THE BDAY SPECIAL: Greetings to all house heads all around the world, welcome once again to the HOUSE OF WAX mixtapes journey, I am birthday'ing today so I felt it was fit for me to share with you not one but two of my mixtapes in hope that u will enjoy the day with me by rocking these tunes and having a fab day all round. I think the past 12 months have been a blessing and a curse in a good way, I have been shown love more than I expected and I feel motivated and inspired to work hard and show back the love by sharing my music in this manner...once again thanx for the love....1luv *popps a bottle of gnac* CHEERS!!

to download the mixtape CLICK HERE: http://www.soundcloud.com/house_of_wax

find the other BDAY SPECIAL MIXTAPE ON: http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-waxmus

twitter: @house_of_wax
twitter: @waxmus

house of wax 15
March 15, 2012 04:02 AM PDT
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hello to everyone in all corners of the world, episode 15 is an interesting mixtape to me as I have for the first time used a computer software to mix it. it was quite an embarrassing situation for me as I have always viewed the digital mixing as something lazy djs depended on, but I was wrong as i enjoyed myself, as the house of wax gained more exposure with a lot of people identifying with it. the demand is more and the time is not so I crossed to digital to be able to meet the demand. I thank all of you for showing support....enjoy this mixtape and share it with friends, family, collegues and every one that lives for the house music scene....number 16 will be mixed by a guest dj ... 1luv

here is the download link: http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-waxmus

twitter @house_of_wax .. @waxmus




house of wax 014
February 24, 2012 04:20 AM PST
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welcome to the house of wax once again... in this episode I bring you a good friend of mine from back in the 90s, he is one of the list celebrated yet consistent and invested a lot to the house music scene, this dj has soul music running in his veins... put your hands together for the mixing skills of DJ KAY B.. enjoy it as I did...Born in Soweto,KayB knew from the time he bought his first Belt Drive Turntables that entertainment was a vocation for him. Since then he has gone from strength to strength .His first gig was at school that's he realized that this was a God given talent,he focused he's limited spare time to full fill his talent.....In 2000,He was part of a group of Soweto DJ's that played for Y-Fm alongside your DJ Fresh, Khabzela and he has played with big names such as(locally)Dj Sbu,Blackkoffie,Sai nd Ribatone,Thobs,Vinny Da Vinci,Christos,Claude,China,Month Flava,(the list ie endless)..(Internationally)Alex Kidd,Harrison Crump,Abicah Soul,QB Smith,Ame,Hendrick Shwartz,Paris Casvette,Charles Webster nd more...House Music is his passion...more specifically Jazzy Soulful house .This passion has kept him in the entertainment industry...As House music evolves, so has he....he is also known for hosting big successful events..he's a perfectionist when it comes to his sets that he plays and also tries hard to be updated musically.KayB has over the years carved a niche for himself. His keen musical ear lands him in an interesting juncture in his entertainment vocation. His friends call on him after writing songs for his constructive critique,something he loves to do...because he is a perfectionist!He lives by his motto....music is life and what is life without soul...!luv

twitter: @house_of_wax
: @waxmus

house of wax 013
February 14, 2012 04:30 AM PST
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a warm hello to all the friends of the "house of wax" podcast, my name is waxmus and I personally will love to thank you for the love and support I'm receiving from everyone all over the world..... I recorded this mixtape on Friday the 10th of Feb at the Mixanathi shop in Soweto, I was having a jam session with the young dj kibuis who decided to record my set, another great one Brian Blaq also came thru as we jammed.... this set was recorded using pioneer 1000s cdj's and I will love to share this with you and I hope you can also share it with all your friends family and all the house heads you know.....please dont forget to comment and like the page... enough said please enjoy this one... peace and 1luv TRACK LIST TO FOLLOW

facebook: wax mus ngcobo

twitter: @house_of_wax
twitter: @waxmus
youtube: http://t.co/yKmDs7M
for bookings email: mus.wax@gmail.com

house of wax 12
January 24, 2012 02:20 AM PST
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whats up to our happy friends...house of wax is at it again, this time we bringing you one of the future illest mix masters< PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THE MIXING TALENTS OF DJ CROOKID.........DJ Crookid is an upcoming DJ on the soulful house music scene. He was born and raised in New York State but has resided in London for the last decade. It is here that he has recaptured his love for djing and uplifting soulful house music. He started djing as a teenager where he was introduced to New York clubs and an opportunity of taking over the decks developed into a passion that was to be rekindled in London almost a decade later. His flair for music started at a young age, he was classically trained to play the clarinet and to read sheet music. It was these melodic sounds that captured his spirit setting him off on his musical journey! Now, the name DJ Crookid has become synomous with great music selection and djing talent playing at events from Ministry of Sound, Pacha and other clubs across the UK and Europe. His musical influences include the likes of Masters At Work (MAW), Kerri Chandler, Frankie Feliciano, Alix Alvarez and Franck Roger to name a few.....
TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR GUEST DJ> LINKtongueodcast http://djcrookid.podomatic.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/djcrookid and twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/djcrookid

For bookings or more information please email djcrookid1@googlemail.com or call +44 7964828418

We know you are going to enjoy this mixtape...like it.....comment...and share it....1luv

twitter: @djcrookid

twitter: @house_of_wax

twitter: @waxmus